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Now Marketers Can Actually Read Your Photos On Instagram And Facebook

Reported by Staff on May 10, 2017 6:51:48 PM

ftd_p-1-nike-cluep-platform.jpg“For almost as long as we’ve been typing words into Google’s search bar, we’ve been trailed by online ads based on those searches. The logic being that if they put ads in front of our eyes that are related to what we’re searching–shoes, diapers, cars, anything–we’ll be more likely to click."

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 ftd_muically-1.png2. Fashion publications team with to cater to younger readers

“When the popular app first hit the scene in 2014, it was mostly a tool for teenagers to share goofy lip-syncing videos with friends. Currently, it has a nearly 200 million user base largely comprised of teenage girls, and fashion and lifestyle publishers are tapping the platform in an effort to connect with younger readers."





ftd_fashmash-sohohouse-VCs.jpg3. Investing in fashion start-ups: What VCs are looking for

"We recently held a #FashMash breakfast event at Soho House in London featuring three venture capitalists talking to the fashion and technology start-up space. Here, we look at some highlights from the discussion, including what technology they’re seeing impacting the fashion industry and exactly what they look for in the businesses they invest in.

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ftd_data.jpg4. Data security and privacy remain the biggest concerns about retail apps

"Concerns about security breaches have been revealed as the biggest fear among consumers when it comes to deciding whether to download a retail app, according to research. Three quarters (74%) of shoppers said they were most concerned about the security of their information."





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