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Why Apple Pay is poised to beat PayPal in the luxury fashion space

Reported by Staff on May 12, 2017 4:47:10 PM

FTD_LARGEDIGI-copy-332706-edited.jpg“When it comes to mobile payment apps, PayPal is the clear winner in terms of market size: It has more than 180 million active users and 15 million merchants, and is available in over 200 countries."

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 FTD_provenance-martinejarlgaard1.jpg2. From farm to finished garment: Blockchain is aiding this fashion collection with transparency

"From farmer to consumer, there are multiple steps along the way to create the t-shirts, jeans and dresses we all frequently buy. And buy we do. According to a study from McKinsey & Company, annual clothing production exceeded 100 billion items for the first time in 2014."





FTD_fb360.jpg3. Facebook pushes further into 360-degree video with new partnership

"Facebook's push to make 360-degree video ubiquitous has been bolstered through a new partnership with Blend Media, which will focus on developing a "creator community" of experts."

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ftd_hof-exc-454044-edited.jpg4. Superdry, Tesco and how leading retailers make it ever easier to buy

"In today’s InternetRetailing newsletter we’re reporting on the different ways that leading retailers, from Superdry and Tesco to, are making it easier for shoppers to buy from them."





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