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Absolut and other CPG brands warm up to Twitter, but still debate whether to pay to play

Reported by Staff on May 10, 2018 11:32:53 AM

 Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.24.391. Six months ago, Absolut didn’t have a Twitter strategy in the U.S., let alone a budget for the news and social messaging service. Now, it’s planning to use it as a sales channel this summer, with a campaign that will let people buy products from tweets.

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8-ASOS 2. Brits spend 2 billion pounds a year on delivery subscriptions

Delivery subscription services such as Amazon Prime and Asos Premier are on the rise in the UK, with a new survey stating that British consumers spend an average of 2 billion pounds a year on subscriptions, as they offer convenience and the chance to save money.

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 faq_hero-1279x7203. How digitally native wedding startups are looking to woo millennials

Though the bridal industry is particularly bound in tradition, it hasn’t stopped the influx of bridal startups like Floravere from trying their hand at shaking up the industry and vying for a piece of the $119 billion bridal market. 

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