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Alibaba presents shopping of the future with Fashion AI Concept Store

Reported by Staff on Jul 6, 2018 3:34:42 PM

5Alibabafas11. We have all been there - just squeezed out of our own clothes into the new ones in the fitting room, only to realise that a different size or colour would be better. If there is no trusty friend by one’s side, this usually means...

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p-1-these-female-founders-give-scrubs-a-functional-fashionable-makeover2. Female founders give scrubs a functional, fashionable makeover

The FIGS brand brings flare and functionality to high-quality scrubs, nurses’ uniforms, and lab coats.

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raspi_camera_cartoons_768x483.03. Take a doodle, not a photograph, with this AI-powered camera

You might remember Google’sQuick, Draw! project from 2016 — a web-based Pictionary game which asked users to doodle familiar objects while Google’s AI guessed what they were. Well, a clever soul named Dan Macnish has turned data from this game into a AI-powered camera.

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