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Debenhams unveils its turnaround strategy

Reported by Staff on Apr 20, 2017 6:24:00 PM

dfffblog1.jpgOn Tuesday, Facebook kicked off its annual F8 developer conference with a keynote address. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others on his executive team made a bunch of announcements aimed at developers, but the implications for Facebook’s users was pretty clear."

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ddffblog2.jpg 2. Louis Vuitton to Stage Cruise at I.M. Pei's Miho Museum

“The display on May 14 will take place in a hillside location near Kyoto in Japan"




ddffblog3.jpg3. Scale matters: Advertisers are opting for Instagram over Snapchat

"Instagram is mimicking Snapchat, and Snapchat is feeling the pain.



Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 17.18.13.png4. Amazon's Alexa voice is now available to build chatbots

"The company’s Lex platform makes it easy for developers to build conversational interfaces."

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