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Fashion in 2017 Was Ruled by Bad Taste, but Why?

Reported by Staff on Dec 14, 2017 4:32:43 PM


bloggg4-1.jpg"As this year winds down we’ve recapped its highlights to bring you the best of 2017 in fashion, sneakers, music, movies and more." 

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blogggg3.jpg2. What fashion brands can learn from Nike’s first six months as an Amazon partner

"When Nike caved in and became an official first-party seller on Amazon this summer, it felt like a retail omen. If Nike — the world’s largest athletic company, earning $34 billion in revenue in 2017 — couldn’t hold out, who could?"

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 blogggg2.jpg3. Netflix plans choose-your-own tv adventures for grown-up viewers

"Netflix will produce a choose-your-own adventure show for adults, adding another genre of programming to a service that offers movies, scripted dramas, documentaries, stand-up comedy and reality TV."  

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Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 16.25.06.png4.2017 Year in Review: 8 Fundamental Shifts Reshaping the Consumer Economy

"2017 was yet another transformative year for the consumer economy. There were a range of new developments and trends from the last few years that continued accelerating. What follows is a recap of 2017, along with some predictions and recommendations for 2018.

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