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Fendi and Farfetch launch bespoke handbag service

Reported by Staff on Nov 30, 2017 5:48:32 PM


FTD_Fendi.jpg"Online e-commerce giant Farfetch has teamed up with Italian luxury house Fendi to launch a bespoke handbag service on its platform. Users can customize the Fendi Kan I F bag by personalizing colour, leather, hardware and other add-ones, making it possible to choose from over 120 options and combinations for a unique item." 

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FTD_RebeccaMinkoffVRBig.jpg2. Rebecca Minkoff uses VR for planning stores

"The brand wants to be the first brand to meet and sell to customers in a virtual reality world, once customers are actually ready to shop in a virtual setting where nothing they see is actually real — and it’s working with VR company Obsess and Walmart’s tech incubator, Store No. 8, to get there."

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 Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 17.40.04.png3. UK retailers see app and m-web performance hold up well on Black Friday

"Apica found that 75% of UK e-tailers maintained or improved their website and app performance compared to last year during 2017’s Black Friday sales rush. This is compared to just 56% in the US."  

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FTD_Westfield7.png4. How Westfield Is Using Next-Gen Tech To Top Amazon In The Physical World

"If the world’s preeminent retailers were in a Fight Club-esque sparring match over the accolade for “biggest retail juggernaut,” Amazon would win without a blink. The real question on every retailer’s mind, though is: How can they start showing Amazon their game face and stop fighting a losing battle?" 

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