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Macy's Is Running Out of Levers to Pull

Reported by Staff on Aug 11, 2017 10:24:36 AM


blogger1-3.jpg"Things looked a little better for Macy's Inc. in its latest quarter -- but only because the bar for the beleaguered department-store chain had been set so low."

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blogger2-4.jpg2. Bebe, The Iconic Mall Brand, Is Back From The Dead

"If you spent your 20s clubbing and hunting down bandage dresses for your next date, you’re probably familiar with the iconic mall brand Bebe. "

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 blogger3-1.gif3. The Sneaker World’s Biggest Yeezy Skeptic

"Matt Powell spends his days consulting for sneaker companies—and sniping at Kanye West fans on Twitter. Critics say he doesn’t get the hype. Powell says hype doesn’t matter. Who’s right?"

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 blogger4-5.jpg4. Why Is Steve Madden Surviving the Retail Apocalypse?

"The most beloved stores of the early aughts have seen better days. Many are suffering through store closures, bankruptcies, acquisitions, and utterly bored customers — the makings of a retail apocalypse."






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