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Michael Kors makes a scarcity play

Reported by Staff on Aug 10, 2017 9:47:20 AM


blogger1-2.jpg"Just two weeks after announcing its acquisition of Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors reported quarterly sales that indicate its revitalization efforts may be making a positive, if modest, impact."

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blogger2-3.jpg2. ASOS announces new $40m US fulfilment centre

"ASOS has made a “significant progression” in its global growth plan with the announcement that it is to open a new $40m fulfilment centre in the US."

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 blogger4-1.png3. American Apparel Is Officially Back in Business

"When American Apparel filed for bankruptcy last year and proceeded to close all of its stores, a bunch of Racked staff members were distressed that they’d never be able to get their favorite Easy Jeans or crop tops again."

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 blogggger4.png4. Could localized manufacturing be the solution to endless markdowns?

"Today, two questions are top of mind for many physical goods brands: 1) How do we end the catastrophic parade of endless sales and markdowns?; and 2) Is there a way to bring back domestic manufacturing in some capacity?"






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