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Speaker Q&A: Lucinda Newcomb, Vice President, VP of Digital Product, Sephora

Posted by Fay Cowan on Oct 18, 2017 11:39:15 AM


We caught up with Lucinda Newcomb, Vice President, VP of Digital Product for Sephora ahead of her appearance at our New York Summit on November 1-2.

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Beyond-Product Pop-Up Stores

Posted by Rebecca Thomson on Oct 11, 2017 2:28:36 PM

Two UK department stores have recently launched pop-ups that seek to push beyond promoting products or even the brands behind the spaces. Instead, they’re making grander social statements – reframing the purpose of transient brand spaces in the process.

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Topics: Pop-up Shop, retail

Ever-Evolving Ecomm: Keeping Your Foot on the Gas

Posted by Grace Howard on Oct 11, 2017 11:35:24 AM

In the relentlessly evolving ecommerce space, it’s imperative that ecomm-savvy brands and retailers stay ahead of the game, because nothing’s a given. We take a look at a handful of companies that are owning the online space by finding their USPs, capitalising on personalisation and reinventing the resale market.

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Topics: ecommerce, CUSTOMER

Join Decoded Fashion and THE OUTNET.COM at THE OUTNET in Residence

Posted by Grace Howard on Oct 11, 2017 9:26:31 AM

Decoded Fashion has partnered with THEOUTNET.COM – the fashion industry’s go-to destination for luxury goods at reduced prices – to host an evening of discussion at One Belgravia, London, based upon key areas of concern for today’s brands.

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Speaker Q&A: Neil Waller, Co-Founder, Whalar

Posted by Faith Robinson on Sep 26, 2017 11:20:42 AM


Whalar is on a mission to liberate the creative voice with a platform that connects brands and agencies to a community of creators, producing authentic and engaging content. We caught up with Co-Founder Neil Waller ahead of him speaking at our New York Summit on November 1-2.

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Teen make-up brands are on the rise

Posted by Chloe Frost on Sep 13, 2017 11:28:25 AM

Two high-profile make-up launches from Asos and C.Y.O exemplify the rising popularity of low-cost, high-quality cosmetics aimed at the lucrative teen/millennial markets (90% of girls and 69% of boys aged nine to 17 are beauty product users in the US – Mintel, 2016).

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Topics: millenials, beauty

Does Authenticity Exist in an Influencer-Led World?

Posted by Grace Howard on Sep 11, 2017 2:00:00 PM

While the ‘unfiltered’ movement on social media – the concept of being ‘real’ in a virtual world – can often seem contrived, it’s safe to say that consumers are more likely to buy into a brand that uses ‘relatable’ influencers in their marketing strategies than those who opt to work with regular celebrities or models. Here, we unpack the business of influencer marketing, and consider where this lucrative sector will head in the future. As consumer eyes are starting to open to ‘pay-to-play’, will influencers’ authenticity begin to diminish?

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Topics: beauty influencers, influencers

Supporting Female Futures with New York Fashion Tech Lab

Posted by Grace Howard on Sep 7, 2017 1:38:08 PM

For women-led startups looking to push their businesses to the next level, the New York Fashion Tech Lab has been designed to offer a helping hand. The nonprofit organization runs a yearly program to help shape the future of growing startups working within the intersection of fashion, retail and technology by collaborating with top fashion retailers, brands and industry experts, as well as the Lab’s portfolio of companies.

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What’s the best way to approach artificial intelligence technology?

Posted by Grace Howard on Sep 5, 2017 2:21:26 PM

“To remain at the cutting-edge, luxury brands must learn to harness AI to pioneer new and meaningful experiences with consumers,” Marc Close, CEO of bespoke apparel platform Bespokify, wrote for the Business of Fashion last month in an op-ed entitled ‘Technology is Eating Fashion.’ With large retailers, including Amazon and ASOS, jumping on the AI bandwagon, Close has a point. But, for those yet to dip their toes into the water, what’s the best way to approach artificial intelligence technology? Here, we look at some companies that are embracing – and creating – AI tech in different ways.

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Topics: Machine A, digital marketing, Artificial intelligence, Personalisation, brands, ai

Concierge Commerce: The Future of Online Beauty Experiences?

Posted by Grace Howard on Aug 30, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Look back a few years and you’d be pressed to find a beauty brand outside of the luxury market that offered personalised, VIP-feel experiences to its customers. Now, however, mass market brands are able to use tools like social media to forge deeper relationships with their customers, whatever their average spend. Here, we take a look at ‘concierge commerce’, targeted content creation and personalised shopping experiences.

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Topics: Beauty Store, Beauty Technology, beauty, Personalisation, content

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