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3ina: Instant Gratification Model

Reported by Lisa Payne on Feb 29, 2016 1:33:38 PM


A new beauty brand is set to disrupt the industry’s traditional distribution model by tapping into the ‘see-it-want-it-now’ consumer attitude – a bold move that could shape future product launches.

In an industry known for its glacial approach to new releases, 3ina (pronounced Mina) brings new products to market in as little as four months. Traditionally, it can take larger brands up to three years to produce and market new items.

This is currently an issue for savvy beauty consumers plugged into social media during catwalk season. Waiting for colour cosmetics brands such as Mac, Nars and Maybelline to launch upcoming lipsticks and eyeshadows teased backstage causes consumers to lose interest. “Having such a quick turnaround allows us to pick up on trends at their peak and create products that we know will be loved by our customers,” explains 3ina’s co-founder Mark Eve.

This young, hungry consumer was the inspiration for retail developer Eve and fellow co-founder Pablo Rivera. “Pablo and I saw an opportunity in the market for the younger demographic, who want vibrant products-of-the-moment to express their individuality,” said Eve. “With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever before for people to hone their own identity.

3ina launches globally with a London store on February 25 2016, offering more than 450 products.

Guest post Stylus.com by Lisa Payne

Image Source: 3INA

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