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How Brands Can Give Women a Seat at the Table

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Oct 25, 2018 10:55:16 AM

Sticking a feminist slogan on a white T-shirt and reaping the rewards just doesn’t cut it anymore. Women have wizened up to the marketing tactics of brands, rightfully expecting more than shallow words and false promises. Businesses would do well to stay on the right side of the female spending power which is estimated to be around $18 trillion globally.

To truly capture (and more importantly, keep) the attention of women across the world, companies need to dig a little deeper. Their policies and products must prioritise equality and sustainability; their CEOs and presidents must step outside of the boardroom and strive to educate and empower.

Some brands have learned the hard way how not to do things. One false move and the entirety of Twitter will be waiting on the office doorstep. But how can businesses grow with women in mind? An upcoming panel talk at the Decoded Future New York Summit will unravel the exact answers to that question.

 The president of footwear brand Keds, Gillian Meek, will be discussing how a company with more than 100 years’ experience in the retail industry has managed to stay alive while championing up-and-coming female creatives and entrepreneurs. With an all-female leadership team, Keds’ tagline is Ladies First. It’s not a meaningless motto but a message of inclusivity, accessibility and collaboration.

THINX’s CEO Maria Molland will also be giving her thoughts. She inherited a brand that had been embroiled in controversy thanks to reports of poor company culture. Focusing on period-proof underwear, its product was already inherently woman-friendly. But that wasn’t enough to secure applause. In the past year, Molland has ensured no women is excluded, introducing underwear lines for all ages and circumstances. The company is also giving back to the younger generation, educating both boys and girls about reproductive health.

The conversation will be moderated by NYLON’s editor-in-chief Gabrielle Korn and will supply entrepreneurs and established business owners with the ins and outs of workplace female empowerment. It’s time to close the inequality gap once and for all.

This Decoded Future New York Summit session will take place on November 2. Tickets and more information can be found here.

Written by Lauren Sharkey
Image source: Adweek 

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How To Meet Modern Society's Most Innovative Start-Ups

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Oct 24, 2018 5:08:00 PM

A great start-up offers a solution to a problem. And with venture capital investment in start-ups rising to its highest level in the US last year, more and more entrepreneurs are switching on the innovative side of their brains in the hopes of swiftly becoming a staple in a particular industry.

The fashion, luxury and retail markets are all booming with such companies. Many focus on the technological side of problem-solving; an element that has been sorely missing in all three sectors in recent years.

Intesa Sanpaolo is committed to showing the future of these industries with its second StartUp Initiative FashionTech Showcase. Set to take place in New York this November, the one day event welcomes corporate bodies, investors and the like.

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The urgent need for positive technology

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Oct 11, 2018 9:49:25 AM

Technology has pervaded our lives. And it’s never going to go away. Those two statements are fact. But what humans have finally had enough of are websites and apps that steal their information and use it for their own selfish means, rather than for the greater good.

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The future for fashion retailers is the cloud

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Oct 10, 2018 9:52:51 AM

With customer bases growing each and every day, many retailers are struggling to keep up with demand. This is especially true for fashion brands that started life as nothing but a physical store. Now, these companies are dealing with online sales from their own sites as well as third parties such as Amazon.

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Why wellness is the modern traveller's number one priority

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Aug 28, 2018 10:18:55 AM

In previous years, a holiday was nothing more than a pre-packaged week abroad. A sun-filled place where you could put your feet up and do absolutely nothing. But, as with many industries, the definition of a vacation is shifting.

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It's time convenience stores got a healthy upgrade

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Aug 8, 2018 10:34:28 AM

Aimed at travellers on a road trip or locals just wanting a quick fix, convenience stores have traditionally been full of cheap and easy junk food. But this no longer appeals to the millennial and Generation Z consumer. Inundated with talk of wellness, younger generations are looking for something affordable that won’t harm their bodies or the environment around them.

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Why brands should be exploring the plus size opportunity

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Jul 26, 2018 1:54:04 PM

As the issue regarding the lack of plus size brands continues to be pushed to the forefront, the excuses from designers who refuse to adopt a new size spectrum sound less and less credible.

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The start-up stories that are well worth listening to

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Jun 12, 2018 2:53:23 PM

Decoded Future has long believed in the power of sharing. With the number of UKstart-ups increasing year on year, the entrepreneurial space can get a little crowded with budding founders unsure which way to turn and whose advice to take.

On 26 June, our Start-Up Stories stage will give a number of new companies five minutes to share their tales of triumphs and setbacks. The sessions are designed to inspire the next generation of start-ups. By hearing exactly how an idea transformed from a spark into a fully-fledged business, guests will get an insider look into how to secure funding and how to make a profit from a simple passion.

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How artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise e-commerce

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Jun 7, 2018 1:55:17 PM

Online retailers face many struggles. Acquiring customers is one, keeping them on a site is another, and actually landing a sale is the last. All of these are major hurdles that can easily be overcome thanks to new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Take the issue of abandoned shopping carts. In 2017, it was estimated that a huge $4 trillion worth of merchandise was left in online shopping carts by customers who either forgot about their potential purchase or simply left the site uninspired. So how do you retain these customers and turn that loss of income into rising profits?

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How blockchain technology is securing fashion's future

Posted by Lauren Sharkey on Jun 4, 2018 9:30:02 AM

As consumers become more demanding, the fashion industry is being forced to look inwards. With the help of technology, brands - both on the luxury and high street end - can satisfy customers who long to buy authentic products that haven’t damaged the environment.

Blockchain technology is one of the main ways that can help. A form of smart technology, it works as a shared ledger that allows transactions and manufacturing processes to be recorded. The decentralised system means that no one party owns the blockchain, making any alterations to the ‘blocks’ known to all involved.

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