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Beacon Solutions: Helping Retailers Stay Afloat

Reported by Anna Abrell on Jul 9, 2014 7:32:34 AM

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Just last month, it was announced that 100 stores on Regent Street in London have already implemented beacon technology. If used in the right way, beacon technology can serve to create a brick-and-mortar shopping experience optimised for today’s omnichannel consumers. It makes indoor navigation, automatic store check-ins, contactless payments and location-based marketing possible. It also allows for more accurate collection of visitor information.

But what is ‘the right way’? Like any hardware, beacons need to be used in conjunction with the right software. After all, a ship won’t sail if the sails aren’t set right. It’s not difficult to decide whether to invest in beacon hardware –but it is hard to decide how to use it.

Several startups have appeared on the scene, with a focus on the use of beacon technology. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest players:

Bealder: Based in Paris, Bealder sell their own beacons with a platform that allows remote management. They also provide resources needed for integrating the beacon software into an already-existing app (API, SDK and documentation). Alternatively, the retailer can use the startup’s HappyBeacon app, or have Bealder develop an app for them. The HappyBeacon app was showcased at our first Paris Meetup back in March.

Swirl: This is an ‘end-to-end iBeacon Marketing Platform.’ They have trademarked their so-called SecureCast beacons, and they also offer a cloud-based service for beacon-based marketing campaigns and a mobile SDK. Fashion retailers such as Timberland and Kenneth Cole have onboarded.

Upnext: This startup’s offer includes beacon hardware, a platform, a mobile wallet solution and bespoke app development with ‘continuous support.’ The founder, Marley Fabisiewicz, will be speaking at our Berlin DFMeetup today.

Tagpoints: This Brighton-based startup doesn’t provide any hardware, but they have an extensive software and service offering: app development or integration (or alternatively retailers can use the TagPoints App), a cloud marketing platform and Tag Target, a tool to engage with customers in real-time (more info here).

Estimote: Founded in 2012, this startup offers beacon hardware which they refer to as ‘mote’s. Retailers are given a code snippet for each mote, which they can then integrate into their app to enable in-store navigation.

Want to know more about the ins and outs of beacon technology? Check out today’s Berlin Meetup at the Premium Trade Show, more info here.

Reported by Anna Abrell

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