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FashionTech Predictions For 2015

Reported by Claire Healy on Jan 6, 2015 8:57:13 AM

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End of year lists are all well and good, but real tech-cessory lovers will be itching to know what’s next. The best indicator of things to come is always the Consumer Electronics Show – starting today through to January 9, CES is set to start off the year-in-tech with a bang. So what does 2015 hold in the balance between fashion and technology? Here’s what we’re looking forward to:

Wearable Payment

The concept of payment devices for the wrist isn’t set to transform the retail landscape in 2015, but it is set to become part of your everyday life. Safer, more convenient and – potentially – a style statement in itself, companies such as Apple, Pebble and Samsung are betting on the wrist for the future of the till-point purchase. We’re on the lookout for bPay, though – Barclaycard’s NFC chip-carrying wristband that you use just like a card. The downside? It’s going to become even easier to overspend – here’s to being in the red, but stylishly clad, in 2015.

Oculus Rift and Fashion Week

Palmer Luckey, who invented the Oculus Rift, is likely to reveal the release dates for the Rift’s consumer version at CES 2015. Whilst fashion designers have started experimenting with VR technology, the next seasonal cycles are likely to see more big design houses take up the challenge of creating fully immersive runway experiences. Back in January 14, Gareth Pugh was commissioned by Selfridges to create a VR experience to mark London Collections: Men’s. The ground-breaking result, in which even the Rift headset was customised into a wearable bespoke Pugh piece, might be a sign of times to come in collaborations between Rift and the fashion world.

Better looking smart glasses?

We spy with our little eyes…some better-looking ‘Glass’ alternatives in the year to come. One of the problems Google found in making Glass appeal to the general public in 2015 included the fact that – unlike normal spectacles – people don’t want to wear what, in its current version, is a very obvious device all the time. Samsung’s alternative is a clip-on version – a compact, single-lens display module that you can clip onto your normal spectacles to turn them into smart glasses. According to commentators, the device is likely to go on commercial sale within the year. What’s more, as the Smart Watch marketplace booms with new contenders, we’re betting there’ll be a Pebble equivalent set to disrupt the Smart Glasses sphere, too.

Reported by Claire Healy

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