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Get Your Fit On: Size ASOS

Reported by Fay Cowan on Jun 11, 2014 10:44:59 AM

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As you know, Decoded Fashion have quite the passion for fit technology. We like to investigate all sizing solutions that cross our paths, so imagine our intrigue when we found out ASOS are dedicating 8 days in June to body scanning their core customers for a project called SIZE ASOS.

Partnering with Manchester Metropolitan University’s PHD students, the leading British online retailer will be holding the first ever body-scanning event at ASOS HQ. Over the course of the 8 days, 1200 women and 1200 men (18-30 year olds) will pass through the doors of the e-tail giant to be scanned. All participants will receive a full list of their personal measurements and body shape classification, and the honour of being part of some pretty cool technology.

How does it work? Volunteers strip down to their undies to be scanned in a private booth. The 3D body scanner is a non-contact, 3D measurement system based on safe ‘white light’ technology, which utilises light sources to produce a digital copy of the surface geometry of the human body. If you’ve been to the States recently think of those new airport scanners, but in this case you’ll have less clothes on. In just two-minutes, it scans over 100 measurements, and with the data collected, it’ll create a database of true dimensions of your body. Pretty impressive!

So what are ASOS doing with the data? It’s all being anonymously fed into ASOS’s quest to deliver a better shopping experience and of course to bring down return rates. Known for it’s lead in innovation and forward fashion, the online retailer now faces much tougher competition to stay ahead of the game. Initiatives like this are essential for retailers to understand the needs of their customers and data like this can be fed directly into how their products are developed.

ASOS already work with Swedish fit company Virtusize, which offers exact measurements of a product for customers to compare with existing products their own. Whilst the data collected from the body scanner looks to improve the general understanding of size and shape. ASOS continue to tackle fit with a holistic view and research to help gain a deeper knowledge of the core customer.

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