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Intelligent Bikini: Digital Protection

Reported by Lisa Payne on Aug 13, 2015 10:00:31 AM

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Image source: Spinali Design

A new tech-enabled bikini analyses the sun’s rays and alerts the wearer to reapply sun protection, demonstrating the potential of wearable technology to connect with the fashion industry in meaningful ways.

The Connected Bikini by French firm Spinali Design houses a small waterproof, removable UV sensor, which communicates data through a smartphone app. The skin type of the wearer directs notifications – with those with fairer skin receiving more frequent alerts for reapplication. The Valentine function can also send a message to pre-selected friends in the event the wearer falls asleep or ignores their notifications.

Currently the bikinis are made to measure, and retail upwards of €149 ($163). While unlikely to attract the design-conscious consumer, the technology can easily be adapted to different garments (a connected beach towel is also on offer).

There is the argument that wearables are creating a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist, but the fashion and beauty industries have much to gain from such innovations.

Guest post Stylus.com by Lisa Payne

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