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It's time convenience stores got a healthy upgrade

Reported by Lauren Sharkey on Aug 8, 2018 10:34:28 AM


Aimed at travellers on a road trip or locals just wanting a quick fix, convenience stores have traditionally been full of cheap and easy junk food. But this no longer appeals to the millennial and Generation Z consumer. Inundated with talk of wellness, younger generations are looking for something affordable that won’t harm their bodies or the environment around them.

A recent report carried out by global consulting company AlixPartners found that location, price and food quality are the three things that people look for when choosing a convenience store. When it comes to the new generation of consumers, add a sense of community and ethics and you’re onto a winner.

Although millennials love to spend most of their time online, the sheer amount of information available makes it time-consuming to find decent organic produce. Any store that does the hard work for today’s busy consumers therefore immediately appeals.

The Goods Mart is a new type of convenience store combining all of the above. Founded by Rachel Krupa, it provides healthy and eco-friendly products at a price that is affordable for all. Its first store opened in Los Angeles in April and features iPads on the wall explaining the origins of each items as well as the story behind each brand sold.

Krupa quickly realised how socially aware young people now are and how eager they are to be able to change things. So she teamed up with various local charities and has partnered with a homeless organisation, ensuring no food is wasted at the end of each day.

Community is also vitally important to millennials. In a society that is now glued to its phones and computer screens, fostering real-life relationships has never been more important. Again, The Goods Mart has prevailed, building a garden in its Silver Lake store that will play host to a number of events throughout the year.

Krupa will be opening up about her new-age company at the Decoded Future New York Summit on November 2, explaining how more brands can pivot towards a healthier and more transparent future and build up their customer base at the same time.

Environmental and bodily wellness usually comes with a high price tag. But it’s about time business founders opened their eyes and realised that that doesn’t have to be a given. After all, brand image is just as important as profit.

Image source: Fast Company

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