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Reported by Fay Cowan on Sep 8, 2014, 5:03:14 PM

House of Holland and Metail

Henry Holland has come a long way since the days of selling his slogan t-shirts on MySpace (yes, we remember MySpace). This Fashion Week his eponymous fashion brand, House of Holland, have announced a tech first. Over the past few months he has been working with local fashion technology company, Metail, to come up with something quite different for the Spring/Summer 2015 show. For the first time consumers will be able to create their own ‘MeModel’, try on clothing from the catwalk in real time, and then pre-order in the right size.

So, how does it work? Head over to www.tryonHouseofHolland.com at 6.30pm on September 13th to watch in real time. Beneath the show video, you will find the collection as it would be on an e-commerce site. Click the ‘Try It On’ icon and the Metail widget will be revealed; in just 10 seconds you can input your height, weight and bra size and, voila, your personal ‘MeModel’ is revealed. As you check out different looks coming down the catwalk, you can update your MeModel by clicking the outfits you like. After the show, everyone who has registered their interest will have the option to purchase as soon as it’s produced.

This comes at an exciting time for London Fashion Week with the focus of the BFC being digital innovation. BFC Chief Executive Caroline Rush added, “This season London Fashion Week will be celebrating digital innovation in fashion, encouraging designers to embrace technology to amplify their stories and their work. House of Holland’s collaboration with Metail sets the tone for what will be a fashion week characterised by its cutting edge approach to integrating digital and social media.”

We are especially excited about this partnership: Holland came up with the inspiration after sharing the stage with Metail’s founder Tom Adeyoola at our very own London Summit earlier this year.

Reported by Fay Cowan

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