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Rapid Retail: Rebecca Minkoff Debuts Self-Checkout

Reported by Katie Baron on Dec 12, 2016 11:56:20 AM


Using the busy Holiday period as the ultimate test of a new streamlining-focused retail concept, US fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff has launched a new self-checkout tool at its SoHo (NYC) store.

Developed by US self-checkout start-up QueueHop, the concept is effectively a wall-mounted tablet that enables consumers to scan a QR code on products' security tags, then pay for their purchase by simply inputting their details, as online. It then offers a choice of receipt – printed or sent digitally by email.

In terms of security, each tag is equipped with anti-theft technology, meaning the tag will only become 'unlocked' if the item has been paid for – an alarm sounds if an attempt is made to leave with a tagged product. Shoppers place unlocked tags in a bin below the tablet. Assuming the brand stance that it's a better use of resource to have someone bring over a bag occasionally than constantly man a till, sales associates are alerted when a transaction is being made – spurring them to bring over a carrier bag.

The tech is currently only available for Minkoff's handbags, scarves and small leather goods, but all items are slated for later inclusion.

Additional QueueHop technology, not yet adopted by Minkoff, includes a mobile self-checkout option (the tech can be embedded in brands' apps) that allows consumers to complete the payment process using their smartphones, significantly reducing the queuing times and the need for assistance.

Image Source: Rebecca Minkoff's self checkout

Guest post by Stylus.com, written by Katie Baron

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