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Skin Imaging Technology and the Retail Consultation: Helping Brands Enhance the Customer Experience

Reported by Grace Howard on Nov 13, 2017 2:25:34 PM

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A recent GlobalData report revealed that, in the UK alone, the health and beauty market is forecast to grow more than 21% over the next five years, and according to Marketresearch.com, skincare awareness and consciousness are some of the driving forces behind the booming industry. The beauty industry as a whole is booming and as the skin care industry has witnessed a shift in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base, so it’s not surprising to hear that consumer interest in skincare is trending up.

Even now, before reaching the heights of its predicted spike, the skincare market is crowded and competitive, with an increasing number of new products and treatments entering the market, often with similar purported benefits. How can consumers sift through the ever-growing mass of options to work out their true skin needs? And how can brands help customers to find the products that best suit them? One area of interest worth considering by savvy beauty retailers is skin imagery technology. Skin imaging technology can help to draw in customers with an increased interest in skin health. While a number of tech-fueled options for analyzing skin exist, digital imaging tools offer more precise, personalized levels of assessment. 

Skin imaging specialist Canfield Scientific, the global leader in researching, developing and deploying imaging and photographic systems, has worked with medical and aesthetic practices, hospitals, skin care and wellness centers, spas and medical spas, for more than 30 years. Applying their experience and science to the beauty industry was a natural next step, and last month the photographic imaging company launched Canfield Beauty, alongside its portable skin imaging device, NEXA. NEXA captures high-quality skin images to assess a variety of features all related to skin health, such as pores, wrinkles, brown spots and texture. Designed with retail in mind, the device’s handheld format makes it easy for sales consultants to carry and use; with NEXA, beauty consultants on the shop floor are able to offer a custom level of service, including personalized product and regimen recommendations. 

Using specialized lighting modalities, high-quality optics and careful image processing, skin imaging tools like NEXA enable customers to make informed decisions when shopping for skincare. And, integrating skin imaging technology with beauty consultations also serves as a great visual tool. Beauty consultants and retail staff can use NEXA to offer customers a detailed, personalized, scientific look into their skin health, while emphasizing the importance of taking preventative action with a target skincare routine. Canfield Beauty’s tools enable users to reliably capture photographs in the exact same way each time, meaning that they can track the efficacy of a certain skincare products by capturing credible ‘before and after’ photos.

And, the experience doesn’t end on the shop floor. Canfield Beauty’s skin imaging solutions offer mobile and cloud-based platforms for the benefit of both consumers and retailers. Once a customer has completed their in-store skin assessment, they can track their skincare journey, and revisit consultations remotely from the comfort of their own home. In the digital age, people are more likely to use their phones to get things done – be it shopping, researching, booking appointments or keeping in touch with loved ones – so it’s essential that modern brands give customers the option to bring personalized in-store experiences home with them. With personalized, end-to-end technology-based consultations, retailers can be sure to grow with the industry while providing their customers quality solutions based on science.

Image Source: NEXA Consult

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