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Smartwatch With Bendable Screen

Reported by Emily Johnson on Sep 3, 2015 3:39:14 PM

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Image source: Polyera

US-based flexible electronics company Polyera has developed the world's first smartwatch with a bendable digital screen, called the Wove Band.

It features a flexible E-ink film and double-layered organic LED displays to create a touchscreen that can either be used flat or flexed around the wearer's wrist – enabling a far larger display than other smartwatches on the market. The screen – which is integrated into the wristband itself – covers 75% of the simple strip design, and will display content such as weather forecasts, news headlines and emails with a simple tap.

Prototypes will be available for developers by the end of the year, with the watch released for consumer use by mid-2016.

Flexible displays are providing a more human approach to technology – particularly within the wearables market, where there is growing demand for subtle and pliable interfaces that can mould to the body. Hi-tech developments are enabling this by embedding technology within ultra-thin materials.

Guest post Stylus.com by Emily Johnson

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