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Speaker Q&A: Jason Angsuvarn, Jason Markk

Reported by Faith Robinson on Feb 27, 2017 4:21:39 PM


Jason Markk is disrupting the world of sneaker cleaning - making premium shoe care products for all the “sneakerheads” out there, as well as offer a drop-off shoe cleaning service at their Los Angeles-based flagship store (which also doubles up as an events space). We caught up with Founder Jason Angsuvarn ahead of him speaking at our London Summit on May 16-17th.

Tell us a little bit more about the “sneakerhead” movement. How does this community extend possibilities for fashion and retail in this sector of the industry?

Although the whole sneaker craze has reached an all-time high in recent years, I would not refer to it as a movement. The sneaker community is a real thing and has been since the mid-late 80s. It’s just now with the internet, global style and information are shared so quickly. Technology has also made everything much more accessible, so the popularity of sneakers just exploded.

To me, the magic of sneakers has always been the opportunity to express yourself in a different way every day. It’s that magic plus continuous advancements in sneaker technology that makes for endless possibilities.

Particularly with regards to experience, how do the tech-driven followers of Jason Markk respond to your flagship store concept and the collaborative (pop-up) events you produce with other sportswear and sneaker brands?

I think the experience we provide at pop-up events and with our service at the store brings everything full circle. Social media and the internet are great for a lot of things, but posts come & go and doesn’t allow you to fully immerse yourself in the brand. The experience we provide at these activations and/or pop-ups are so special because we are able to make a real face-to-face connection and immerse consumers in certain aspects of Jason Markk culture that can’t be experienced online.

You’ll be joining us as a speaker at the Decoded Fashion London Summit in May to explore ‘New Loyalty for the Always-on Consumer’ during day two of the event. Which part of this idea hold the most promise for the future of fashion?

There is no replacement for genuine human interaction and memorable experiences. In today’s fast paced environment,  the ability to deliver a genuine experience holds the most promise in my humble opinion. When you are able to connect on that level, the imprint left is invaluable.

Hear more from Jason Angsuvarn during our London Summit on May 16-17th. Book your ticket here.

Reported by Faith Robinson

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