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Why Mobile-First is a Must for Fashion Brands in 2017

Reported by Grace Howard on Dec 8, 2016 2:13:49 PM


The future of retail is mobile. However, a report compiled by NewStore has revealed that many fashion brands are missing the mark when it comes to their approach to mobile. 78% of fashion brands do not offer a shoppable mobile app, and those that do could probably do it better; an average of 21 information fields need to be completed by those wishing to make an in-app purchase. Considering consumers’ increasing desire for fuss-free checkout processes, having to divulge over 20 pieces of information before hitting the ‘Buy’ button may feel, for some, like too much of an effort?

Many brands also remain reticent about using mobile technology to optimise the in-store experience. Though it has the potential to empower sales staff, only 18% of store associates have access to real-time inventory information on mobile devices and, despite being available since 2013, in-store beacon technology has largely been ignored by retailers. 1% of brands follow-up in-store purchases with personalised communication, but this figure could be greatly improved by beacons, which can be used to offer personalised experiences beyond those available in-store.

But some brands are getting it right. Take Under Armour, for example, whose app personalises the shopping experience from the off, asking users which sports, celebrities and athletes the customer likes in order to determine their tastes. Furthermore, the product information on the app is thorough, meaning users don’t need to head to the brand’s website to get the ‘full’ experience.

Zara, meanwhile, uses images within its app to determine the customer's’ initial line of interest, whether they’re shopping for a particular age group or gender, or are open to browsing through pieces led by seasonal trends. Its app engages consumers on a deeper level, promoting easier discovery of new product and encouraging casual browsing.

It is essential that 2017 becomes the year that fashion brands follow in the lead of the likes of Under Armour and Zara, and finally pull themselves out of the nascent stage of ‘mobilising’ their e-commerce experiences. It’s time to get onboard with mobile commerce’s possibilities – and there are many.

Download the full mobile report here.

Image Source: Newstore

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